Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper mixed reality headset Missed-news

Apple is already working on a more affordable version of its yet-to-be-announced mixed reality headset, according to Bloomberg other information. According to previous reports about the long-rumored mixed reality headset, it will cost around $3,000, which is double the price of the Quest Pro headset that Meta launched last year. Apple engineers are reportedly working to develop a cheaper version that is closer to the price of the Quest Pro and are already discussing strategies to achieve that goal, such as using cheaper components.

While the flagship device will have 4K internal displays for each eye, its more affordable counterpart will likely use lower resolution displays. The company’s engineers are also considering the use of fewer cameras and slower processors, which, in turn, would eliminate the need for internal fans. Apple could ask users to manually adjust their field of view for cheaper headphones instead of equipping them with a motor that can do it automatically. You could choose not to equip the device with its custom H2 wireless chip which would also allow it to work better with AirPods. A Bloomberg a report earlier this month claimed that the tech giant is developing its own Bluetooth and WiFi chip to replace Broadcom’s by 2025. information He said that Apple could also choose to use that internal chip to prevent a third-party company from affecting the price of the device.

Cheaper mixed reality headsets are in their early stages, the sources reported, and Apple has yet to build a working prototype. According to BloombergHowever, most of the 1,000 people in Apple’s Technology Development Group are working on the two headphones and the company could launch them as early as next year or 2025. As a result of this two-device strategy, however, Apple would have put his plans to launch lightweight augmented reality glasses on hold. The company’s original vision was to create AR glasses that could one day replace the iPhone, but it has now scaled back work on the project. It is apparently now unclear if the AR glasses will ever be released.

As for Apple’s flagship mixed reality headset, Bloomberg He previously said that the company plans to formally announce it this spring before WWDC in June.

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