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Authoritative technology and tower building drones

Despite assurances from President Biden at Wednesday’s United Nations meeting that the United States is not seeking a new cold war, one is brewing between the world’s autocracies and democracies, and technology is fueling it.

Late last week, Iran, Turkey, Myanmar and a handful of other countries took steps to become full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), an economic and political alliance led by China’s authoritarian regimes. and Russia.

Most SCO member countries, as well as other authoritarian states, are following China’s lead and tend to commit more digital rights abuses by increasing mass digital surveillance of citizens, censorship, and controls on speech. individual.

And while democracies also use massive amounts of surveillance technology, it is the technological trade relationships between authoritarian countries that enable the rise of digitally enabled social control. Read the full story.

—Tate Ryan-Mosley

Watch this drone team print a tower in 3D

News: A mini-swarm of drones have been trained to work together to 3D print some simple towers. Inspired by the way bees or wasps build large nests, the process has multiple drones working together to build from a single blueprint, with one essentially checking the others’ work as it goes.

How does it work: One drone deposits a layer of build material and the other verifies the accuracy of everything printed so far. The drones are fully autonomous while flying, but are monitored by a human who can intervene if things go wrong.

Why it matters: One day, the method could help with challenging projects like post-disaster construction or even repairs to buildings that are too tall to access safely, the team behind it awaits, and could build buildings in the Arctic or even on Mars. . Read the full story.


NASA’s DART spacecraft crashes into an asteroid, on purpose

“This is the first time we have tried to move something in our solar system with the intention of preventing a natural disaster...

NASA crashed the DART spacecraft into an asteroid and filmed the accident

While most people sat down to dinner, NASA tried to move a space mountain. Out of sight for backyard stargazers, a vending machine-sized spacecraft...


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