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NFL Expert Picks: Who do we pick in Week 3?

Well, hey, that was a silly week! Don’t get me wrong, silly = fun, but it was still brutal for all of us. We’re still feeling the part of the season, but no one outside of the Bills and Chiefs feels like they’re Really hit your step yet.

The Jets beat the Browns, the Ravens are eliminated by the Dolphins, and the Bengals lose to the Cowboys. without Dak Prescott really surprised us all and left the weekly winner with a record of 11-5.

David Fucillo, 49ers fan and head of sports betting here at SB Nation, won the week and was able to tweet for Jeanna Thomas, die-hard Falcons fan and Associate NFL Director, who sadly finished last in Week 2. As you can imagine, it was brutal.

You know a fake tweet is good when most replies ask if it’s a cry for help or if Jeanna was kidnapped as it was a hidden message to check on her well-being.

This is the first time we’ve humiliated each other as punishment for poor choices, and I love it. This is probably mainly because I haven’t finished last yet and had to write something embarrassing.

Now it’s time to see if Week 3 will be a little more balanced. We have some brutally difficult games to choose from, like Browns vs Steelers and Buccaneers vs Packers, but there are a few that should be pure chalk Does anyone really think the Chiefs will lose to Indy? I hope not.


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