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The best robotic vacuum cleaner deals from September 23rd: get a robotic vacuum cleaner and a self-emptying mop for less than $350

Offer price and availability are subject to change after time of publication.

UPDATE: Sept. 23, 2022, 4:30 pm EDT This story has been updated to include the best deals on robotic vacuums from iRobot, Shark, Roborock, and more.

We’ve rounded up the best deals on robotic vacuums from brands like iRobot, Shark, and Ecovacs. These are the ones that can be obtained from September 23:

There are only three certain things in life: death, taxes, and a few days each month when you need to vacuum but just don’t have time. Whether you hate homework or feel a bit bummed out when you can’t have that satisfying dance with your Dyson, a robot vacuum is a lifesaver. Shop models for sale below.

Robot vacuum cleaners under $200

because we like it

There are several robotic vacuum cleaners under $100; they just aren’t necessarily reliable. But Tzumi’s Ionvac SmartClean 2000 is an outlier. Tons of Walmart reviewers have used it and noted that while it’s not a powerful carpet cleaner, it’s a low-risk purchase for daily hard floor maintenance.

More robot vacuums under $200

Robot vacuum cleaners under $500

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With a bagless self-emptying base, the Shark IQ RV1001AE XL(opens in a new tab) It will allow you to completely forget about vacuuming for up to 45 days. You’ll also get a self-cleaning brushroll, full home mapping, and voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant. this is not the the lowest price that we have seen in this model, but it is the lowest price we have seen in the last three months.

More robot vacuums under $500

Robot vacuum cleaners under $800

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In June 2022, Roborock debuted a mid-range dumper (compared to their other dumpers, which start at $949.88). In just a few months, the Q5+ has already racked up almost $3,000 in five-star reviews for its nimble navigation. , floor coverage and abundant suction. Doesn’t clean like the S7+, but uses LiDAR to map.

Robot vacuum cleaners under $1,000

because we like it

Surprise: Samsung has a better price on the Jet Bot AI+ than Amazon(opens in a new tab) for once. Like the Roomba j7+, the Jet Bot AI+ uses an array of 3D sensors to identify and avoid small obstacles that often cause trouble, like chargers and pet toys. (It just looks like a spaceship while doing it.) The Clean Station contains debris for one to two months.

Robot vacuum and mop hybrids and dedicated robotic mops

Because we like it:

Yeedi isn’t a name with brand recognition like iRobot or Shark, but with this kind of investment, it should be. The Vac Station gives you virtual zone and boundary cleaning, automatic emptying and mopping for less than $350.

More hybrids and robot pugs for sale

Are robot vacuum cleaners worth it?

Control of an upright vacuum cleaner comes with its own kind of satisfaction. But if you’re not one to classify cleaning as cathartic, a robot vacuum might just wipe that huge, agonizing task off your to-do list. (And did we mention the joy of having “clean day one” floors every time?)

But whether or not robot vacuums are worth it comes with a caveat: It can’t be just any robot vacuum. A cheap robot vacuum that doesn’t do the job right (spreads dust, bumps into walls, gets stuck on rugs) could actually create more work for you.

What to consider when buying a robot vacuum cleaner

  • Suction power: A vacuum cleaner is the only purchase you expect sucks a lot. Suction power is usually measured in Pascals (Pa), with most current vacuums ranging between 1500 Pa and 3000 Pa. Stronger suction will be needed to pick up heavier pieces of debris (be sure to set a no-go zone around Legos) and to remove matted pet hair from carpets.

  • Floor type: High-pile carpets and rugs will likely require stronger suction than hard floors, as well as special features like an extra-wide or self-cleaning brushroll to prevent hair from tangling and clogging. People in homes with multiple floor types might consider a larger, more rugged robotic vacuum that can launch itself and its wheels over rugs, carpets, and transitions from carpet to hard floors.

  • Automatic emptying: Because robotic vacuums are typically less than four inches tall, their built-in dust bins are also small, meaning they need to be emptied frequently. (Garbage cans fill up particularly quickly in homes with pets.) An auto-empty vac takes that job off your hands and empties into a larger trash can on your charging base. These larger containers can usually hold weeks of dirt without cleaning or throwing away.

  • House layout: Each robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with sensors and drop detection. But if your home has lots of rooms, lots of curves, or lots of furniture close together, you’ll have less trouble navigating with an advanced model that uses smart maps to remember exactly how your home is laid out, including tagging specific items. rooms, mental notes of stairs, and the possibility of deploying a cleaning area.

  • Low Profile Furniture: No one should be afraid of what has accumulated under their sofa over the last year. A robot vacuum that is three inches or less in height should be able to slide under most sofas and hanging beds.

  • Battery life and square meters: One of the main complaints people have about their robot vacuum is that it poops in the middle of the floor. Larger spaces take more time to clean, and it all depends on how upset you are if you only finish a few rooms at a time. Average run times for the list below range from 90 to 200 minutes, which translates to roughly 500 to 2,800 square feet covered on a single charge.

  • App controls: WiFi-enabled robotic vacuums can be synced with a smartphone app to control scheduling, manual start, cleaning settings, as well as telling your vacuum to do its rounds when you’re not home. Lower-end models that don’t connect to WiFi usually come with a separate remote. If you’re used to asking Alexa or Google to turn off the lights or tell you the weather, a model with voice integration will fit in nicely.


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