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Why did ‘The House of the Dragon’ change actors? The Time Skip and Cast Changes Explained

game of ThronesThe biggest twist of happened when the show killed off its main character near the end of the first season. Sean Bean, who played Ned Stark, continued his fantasy series lore from biting him early, setting the events of the show in motion. house of the dragon did a similar cast shakeup in Episode Six on Sunday night, replacing two of its leads after a massive time jump. Princess Rhaenyra went from Milly Alcock to Emma D’Arcy, while Queen Alicent changed from Emily Carey to Olivia Cooke. Surprisingly, the series’ patriarch, King Viserys, also clung to life despite looking very, very dead when we last saw him. Yes game of ThronesThe twists taught us that any I could die at any moment house of the dragon it’s about how far people will go to survive.

George R. R. Martin’s fans fire and blood understand that it was a necessary change. The Targaryen civil war known as the “Dance of the Dragons” begins as both Princess Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent reach adulthood, and I doubt many viewers have stuck around to watch two teenagers fight each other. As tiresome as it is to say goodbye to Alcock’s Rhaenyra and Carey’s Alicent, they paved the way for Episode Six, which is possibly the first. real events of Dragon House.

Now, the new female leads are taking their characters in very different directions. Before her departure, Alcock was by far the most entertaining actress on screen. She played Princess Rhaenyra with confidence, charm, and a bit of mischief. After just five episodes, fans threw Alcock in the Spider-Verse films and begged him to come back for the season two flashbacks. “It’s a tough spot to meet an audience,” said new Rhaenyra, Emma D’Arcy. the Independent. “I only get caught when they lose Milly, so they find me in a place of pain, of losing someone they just spent five hours with.” We also meet the new Rhaenyra right after she gives birth, and things don’t get much better. for her the rest of the episode. She is losing both her allies and her right to the Iron Throne. It’s not a position many viewers want to see her favorite character in, but it’s where Rhaenyra needs to be if she’s going to try to win the kingdom’s trust.

The same goes for Olivia Cooke, who took over as Queen Alicent. The character is far from the defiant young woman we saw at the end of Episode Five. Alicent spends most of Episode Six in a panic, powerless behind her husband’s apathetic approach to her rule. Running through the castle, with the secrets of the kingdom taking hold of her mind, she is hell-bent on keeping her family alive, should Rhaenyra rise to power and decide to kill them all. Nothing has so far shown that Rhaenyra would do such a thing when the time comes. , but her father’s warning at the end of the fifth episode seems to have struck a chord. Many people will die on their way to the Iron Throne, and these two women will do whatever it takes to keep their families alive.

Change is difficult. And for TV shows, retiring fan-favorite actors is even more difficult, especially after just five episodes! I wish, house of the dragon will end up proving that the The change paid off, but the transition from a medieval teen soap opera to an actual war of succession was inevitable. For some, the series is becoming more like game of Thrones and less like following the most eligible maiden in Westeros can even be a good thing. Me? I’m happy we’re finally going to see some bloody dragon fights.

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